Press Release – Y20: Youth’s Role in Encouraging Inclusivity in Indonesia’s G20 Presidency

Manokwari, June 18, 2022 – A high-level panel discussion on opportunities for policy reform to realize diversity and inclusion was also held at the 4th Pre-Summit Y20 in Manokwari, West Papua.

Policymakers and practitioners on a high-level panel encourage young people to participate in Indonesia’s G20 presidency. They are particularly concerned that the Y20 delegates will later issue a Communique or policy recommendations to G20 leaders. At the 4th Pre-Summit Y20, this Communique will address diversity, inclusion, and priority issues.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy leads the G20 Tourism Working Group (TWG). According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, his party is open to working with young people in supporting Indonesian tourism. This is because 55% of Indonesia’s population are millennials and Gen Z.

“If we want to be relevant at TWG, we need to engage with young thinkers who are very progressive, creative, and innovative to provide input and ideas. We need to adapt, innovate, collaborate so that we can recover together, recover stronger, and recover better,”. Sandi added.

As the G20 Indonesia Co-Sherpa, Dian Triansyah Djani expressed the government’s hope that the G20 Presidency will yield concrete results, including ensuring an inclusive recovery from the pandemic.

“The president is looking for tangible deliverables in the form of projects and initiatives.” Young people can play an essential role as a catalyst for action for G20 leaders in this situation. “You can express your ideas to initiate programs and collaborations,” Dian. Also, Special Staff for Priority Programs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained.

“The Y20 White Paper addresses four priority issues, including diversity and inclusion.” “The question is how to translate it into concrete programs and projects,” he added.

Jaleswari Pramodhawardani, Deputy V of the Presidential Staff Office, shared her thoughts on how young delegates can ensure those policy recommendations are not only actionable but also based on human rights principles. Young people, she believes, need to understand unity, justice, and the principles of human rights protection. Jaleswari encouraged young people to provide constructive criticism and consistently advocated for human rights protection.

“I encourage young people to submit recommendations and criticisms supported by thorough analysis.” Constructive criticism is not only part of the democratic process, but it also serves as a reminder to the government to continue working toward the nation’s welfare of the country,” Jaleswari explained.

Meanwhile, Yenny Wahid, the founder of the Wahid Institute, appreciated young people’s creativity and concern for the community. She concluded that, in contrast to previous generations, young people are innovative in using existing resources such as social media or other platforms.

Youth have the power, desire, knowledge, and expertise to drive more inclusive diversity and inclusion policy reforms.
As is well known, the 4th Y20 Pre-KTT was attended by dozens of young delegates from home and abroad. This is also the first time that the Y20 has addressed diversity and inclusion as a separate policy track. The fourth Pre-KTT Y20 has two sub-themes: inclusive education and creative economy.

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About Y20

Indonesian Youth Diplomacy (IYD), a youth non-profit organization, became the official host to welcome young Y20 delegates from various countries. Before the Y20 Indonesia 2022, Summit is held, four Pre-Summits for each priority area will be held separately in four cities in Indonesia, namely Palembang (Pre-Summit I), Lombok (Pre-Summit II), Balikpapan (Pre-Summit III). ), and Manokwari (Pre-Summit IV). The highlight of the 2022 Y20 Indonesia Summit is planned to be held in DKI Jakarta and Bandung. The 4th Pre-Summit raised the issue of diversity and inclusion priorities.

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