Y20 Response to Outcomes of Joint Environment and Climate Ministerial Meeting (JECMM) and Energy Transition Ministerial Meeting

1. Joint Environment and Climate Ministerial Meeting (JCEMM) 
2. Energy Transition Ministerial Meeting 
3. Y20 Communiqué
4. Bali Compact 

Kepala Divisi Komunikasi
Pangeran Siahaan
[email protected]

Tentang Y20

Indonesia has been selected to host a meeting of G20 member countries and a G20 youth meeting known as Youth 20 (Y20) in 2022. Four priority areas are carried out in this event, namely youth employment, digital transformation, sustainable and livable planet,and diversity and inclusion. Indonesian Youth Diplomacy (IYD), a youth non-profit organization, became the official host to welcome young Y20 delegates from various countries. Y20 is sponsored by Pluang and supported by the Indonesian Ministry of SOE

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