2022-06-18 Y20 Manokwari - Field Trip _ Opening Ceremony-0510
Press Release - Y20: Youth's Role in Encouraging Inclusivity in Indonesia's G20 Presidency
Manokwari, June 18, 2022 - A high-level panel discussion on opportunities for policy reform to realize diversity and inclusion was also held at the 4th...
2022-06-18 Y20 Manokwari - Field Trip _ Opening Ceremony-0510
Siaran Pers - Y20: Peran Pemuda Mendorong Inklusifitas dalam Presidensi G20 Indonesia
Manokwari, 18 Juni 2022 - Diskusi high-level panel mengenai peluang reformasi kebijakan untuk mewujudkan keberagaman dan inklusi turut mewarnai Pra-KTT...
2022-06-18 Y20 Manokwari - Highlights-254
Press Release - 4th Pre-Summit of Youth 20 (Y20) Discusses Diversity and Inclusion
Manokwari, June 18th, 2022 - Youth 20 (Y20) youth forum officially opened the 4th Pre-Summit on Saturday (18/6/2022) in Manokwari, West Papua, with the...
2022-06-18 Y20 Manokwari - Highlights-208
Siaran Pers - Resmi Dibuka, Pra-KTT Ke-4 Y20 Bahas Keberagaman dan Inklusi
Manokwari, 18 Juni 2022 - Forum anak muda Youth 20 (Y20) resmi membuka Pra-KTT Ke-4 pada Sabtu (18/6/2022) di Manokwari, Papua Barat, dengan tema keberagaman...
20 Questions: Y20 Members Talk Readying Youth for the World of Work
The Jakarta Post’s “20 Questions” is a new Q&A column in which we talk to the country’s most intriguing and notable individuals, from artists, celebrities,...
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